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Stars of Zagreb - tourist accomodation

Perfect For Relaxing

Zagreb is a little treasure trove of European culture and civilization. You will be amazed by Zagreb old town, great architectural achievements, number of beautiful parks.

Great apartments

Our apartments are situated in barre centre of the city, in the vicinity of main tourist attractions, great restaurants, bars, museums and siteseeing point of interests.

Services on demand

Our guests at their disposal have different organized activities that we can provide from airport shuttle service, rent-a-car service, city tour guide service, trip organization and panorama flights.

A Little About Us

Inspiration can be found everywhere

We are a property management company uniting VIP apartments that we pick up for our guests, guarantee to our guests their high demand satisfaction. All of our apartments we are uniting as stars under the sky, each one bringing its shine to our guests. Different but magnificent.

Our main concern is to provide quality accommodation service and interesting services on demand, for our guests we are creating also tailor-made organized activities in a different forms.

Services on demand

city tour guides

shuttle service

rent a car service

trip organization service

panorama flights



Zagreb apartments “Stars of Zagreb” booking, is a brand that unities renters of tourist accomodation in the city of Zagreb. We are established in a form of integral apart hotel. Offering tourist accomodation, managed by property management company Aero Studio.

Stars of Zagreb apartments are newly renovated apartments to higher standards of 3 and 4 stars, therefore, open for you, our guests, to fulfill all of your wishes with a new memories. Stars of Zagreb apartments are situated in the baree centre of town, therefore surrounded by museums, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and in a vicinity of historical parks. Or apartments are oftenly used by tourists visiting city of Zagreb, as well as business related trips or family vacation.

Stars of Zagreb apartments are opened for any of your hedonist wishes, and easily can transform your idea of being privately separated but also could be clean family vacation home. We like to identify our apartments to “a home, away from home”, and we share that idea with our guests.

We are at full booking disposal to our guests and to the renters. Our main focus is providing extra services “in the house”. Our guests have privelage to gain more via rent a car service, tourist guide services, trip organization, panorama flight, sky diving… and what ever they are into.

Besides Zagreb accomodation, Stars of Zagreb can offer you accomodation also by the sea, therefore you are welcome to check our sea offer also.

Visit Zagreb and stay in Stars of Zagreb Apartments!